Lorenzo Pernigotti

Lorenzo grew up in Torino (Italy), a city surrounded by the Alps, but has Russian origins too. The proximity with the mountains allowed him to get to know them really well and consequently to fall in love for them.

Skiing has always been part of his life since he was a kid and growing up he experienced skiing from any side perfecting his technique in a ski racing team and proving it on steep north faces around the alps.

After his studies in Canada and England he returned to his hometown were he accomplished the university degree in Management of the Mountain Environment.

His eclectic ego made him also interested in sea and sailing. In fact when he is not working as a ski instructor in St Moritz, he runs his own tour operator organizing sailing cruises and working on board as a Skipper. During the free time however, he keeps coming back to the mountains to practice mountain sports such us: rock climbing, paragliding, mountaineering, freeride skiing and many more.

He fluently speaks: Russian, Italian and English.

He has an international snow sport instructor license by ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association)