Vittorio Caffi

The founder and director of the Ski Cool Vittorio Caffi has began skiing when he was 6 years old, since then he never gave up: as soon as he can, he is on the snow.

He worked a few years as a ski patroller in Italy, once he became ski teacher he taught in Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria. Before starting Ski Cool St. Moritz, Vittorio spent six seasons teaching ski in St. Moritz.

Among is ski licences, he is qualified as a BASI ISTD, he holds the Swiss ski “patent”, the French Carte Professionelle, the Irish top qualification and he is fully certified as a ski teacher in Italy as well. He is qualified to teach using the UPS system. He has been active at the highest level in ISIA  (International Ski Instructors Association) since 2004 as an Adviser, Vice President and eventually President. He has been in the charge of the ISIA Technical Commission since 2010 until 2017.

He is as well an architect and a CAD teacher at university. Vittorio enjoys as well as cross country skiing, hiking on the mountains, cycling, inline skating and swimming.

Vittorio speaks Italian, English, French and a few words of German.