Rehab Team – Special program: back to skiing after an injury

Resuming physical activity after an injury and a period of immobility involves more than a few problems when the moment comes to start activity again, both from a physical and from a psychological point of view.

Especially when returning to activity regarding alpine skiing (snowboard or telemark), a sport which is particularly full of variables that can create a lot of apprehension – sliding of equipment on the snow, low visibility, crowded ski slopes, low temperatures, uneven snow surface, bad or unstable weather conditions, etc – especially after an accident, which has maybe occurred while skiing!

For the above mentioned reasons the Ski Cool Rehab Team offers its guests the chance to be followed during the delicate phase of starting to ski again following an injury.

Each injured-skier will be looked after in comprehensive way through a made to measure program studied especially for every single person, including:

  • An evaluation of posture, joints and muscular movements allowed
  • Exercises that aim to help regain the appropriate posture, done both with or without skis
  • Work for strengthening muscles, proprioceptive, for balance, to re-establish movements of joints, etc.

All the programme phases include work without and then on skis, advice on how to continue work independently at home away from the skiing environment.

Our skiing instructors – away from the slope – are equally professional and work in areas of bio-mechanic and physical therapy.

We would like to introduce you to our Team:

  • David Murrie, teacher in bio-mechanics at the University of Sports, coach and trainer;
  • Tim Hall, physiotherapist.

Our team will be happy to accompany you in pleasant return to the skiing activity in a totally safe environment where enjoyment is also guaranteed!

For further information do not hesitate to contact us on

Ski Cool Rehab Team.